Monthly Archives: January 2012

Blunden Consulting – it’s alive!

Now that I have customers, I suppose I have to come clean and reveal that “Blunden Consulting” is up and running and open for business. I have created a page in my blog that offers a bit more information about what I actually do now that I am an independent consultant, and thanks go to the advice and guidance of colleagues and friends as I have nailed it down – you know who you are.

I plan to blog a little more (I am not sure doing much less would be possible) and change the content I write about to include some of the areas I am working in that are not user and customer experience. Twitter will no doubt continue to be my channel of preference however. (@pblunden by the way)

I am grateful to the clients who have already engaged me, and my thanks to you all; it has made the transition from full time CEO to independent consultant so much easier to cope with. I can of course fit a couple more in and so if you feel you can benefit from my particular brand of advice, please do get in touch.