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Miram consulting is the trading name for my advisory business. Most of my work is with SME’s that have grown to between 10 and 20 people with turnover of between £1 to £2 million and wish to grow to £5 million and 50 people and beyond. I also work with large corporate organisations advising them about user experience and customer experience strategy, operations and research.

I provide a range of advisory services from Non-Executive Directorships to project work with remuneration models that include fees, equity or a mixture of both, depending on my clients’ needs. A particular area I am interested in is working with SME’s that are trying to establish or improve a sales function. I am able to show them what “good looks like”, before they make a material investment in headcount. Invariable I suggest they put off hiring sales headcount whilst they maximise the value from their existing client base, with their existing people.

I have nearly 30 years experience in business and my core capabilities are with sales and marketing. As a result of the various roles I have held, including growing a start-up to £5 million turnover and 50 people strong, I have gained considerable capabilities in all areas of running business and in particular how they fit together.

My strengths are in managing the bottom line and driving the top line and the ability to understand the context that all these functions operate in – the links, causes and effects. This is illustrated as follows:

I believe that winning customers and developing strong customer relationships are crucial for a business to be succesful. Relationships only develop if the work is good of course, and this requires a motivated, competent workforce, operating efficiently and effectively.

My current assignments include the following:

  • Coaching, advising and mentoring an SME CEO
  • Non-Exec Directorship
  • Market entry in China
  • Advising an SME Board

You can read more about my background and references by looking at my LinkedIn profile and the website for Miram Consulting.

If you would like to talk with me about your business call me on 01628 742020 or email me at paulblunden@miramconsulting.com.

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